Quickstart with DDEV

We will end with the Drutopia distribution codebase, built by Composer, in a directory called my-drutopia-site (please change this to whatever you would like in the instructions below!).


  1. Install DDEV



This will clone items from GitLab; until we change this please add your SSH key to GitLab.com.

  1. Make a directory for your new site project and move into it, for example mkdir my-drutopia-site and cd my-drutopia-site.

  2. Run these commands in a terminal to set up DDEV and install the code base using Composer.

    ddev config --docroot=web --project-type=drupal10 --webserver-type=apache-fpm --database=mariadb:10.8 --php-version=8.2 --create-docroot
    ddev auth ssh
    ddev composer create drutopia/drutopia_template:2.x-dev --no-interaction

    When prompted (it will be once for each), type your sudo password and press enter for Yes.

  3. Back on your host machine, you can use ddev drush status to check that Drupal is ready and to get the URL for the site. Visit the URL and install Drutopia in the language and with the sub-profiles you choose.


Optionally, employ pinning to ensure only versions of software tested with a release of Drutopia is used.