Update an existing install into a development environment

If you want to do development on a bunch of Drutopia feature modules in an environment that was installed with something like composer create-project drutopia/drutopia_template:dev-master --no-interaction DIRECTORY (where DIRECTORY is whatever your directory is called) then you can follow these instructions.


As per the development documentation the recommended approach is to use Drutopia Dev Template.

When you’ve started with the release versions of Drutopia features so you should run the following script to replace those with git repositories before installing.

# Name this file fix_directories.sh and place it in the root directory of your
# Drutopia install (parallel to the vendor and web directories).
# Adjust file permissions so the file is executable.
# From a terminal in the directory you placed the file, run:
# ./fix_directories.sh
cd web/modules/contrib/
echo "Fixing Drutopia modules"
for dir in "drutopia_"*
  echo "Fixing $dir"
  rm -fr $dir
  git clone "git@gitlab.com:drutopia/$dir.git"
cd ../../profiles/contrib/
echo "Fixing drutopia install profile"
rm -fr drutopia
git clone git@gitlab.com:drutopia/drutopia.git
cd ../../themes/contrib/
echo "Fixing octavia theme"
rm -fr octavia
git clone git@gitlab.com:drutopia/octavia.git
cd ../../../

To use the script:

  • Create a new file, fix_directories.sh, and put it in the root directory of your site.

  • Adjust file permissions on fix_directories.sh as needed to add execute access.

  • From the directory containing fix_directories.sh, run the following at the command line: ./fix_directories.sh

  • Visit your site and follow the Drupal installation instructions.

  • Log into your new site and install the modules needed for development. These include:

  • All Drutopia feature modules (which are listed on the modules page under the heading “Drutopia”).

  • Features UI and its dependencies (Features and Configuration Manager Base).

To update such an environment

It can be time consuming to pull in upstream changes for each of the many Drutopia features you’re working with. The following shell script can help.


# store the current dir

# Let the person running the script know what's going on.
echo "Pulling in latest changes for all repositories..."

# Find all git repositories and update it to the master latest revision
for i in $(find . -name ".git" | cut -c 3-); do
    echo "";
    echo $i;

    # We have to go to the .git parent directory to call the pull command
    cd "$i";
    cd ..;

    # finally pull
    git pull --rebase origin 8.x-1.x;

    # let's get back to the CUR_DIR
    cd $CUR_DIR

echo "Complete!"

To use the script:

  • Create a new file, update-repositories.sh, and put it in the parent directory of the directory of your Drutopia feature-module repositories.

  • Adjust file permissions on update-repositories.sh as needed to add execute access.

  • From the directory containing update-repositories.sh, run the following at the command line: ./update-repositories.sh